Online Math Tutor for High School Students


How does online tutoring work? 

It works much the same as in-person tutoring, except that everything is carried out online by using technological tools such as a desktop or laptop computer and a webcam.

It is a very easy process. We will use a free virtual whiteboard called bitpaper.

This whiteboard allows us to:

  *See and hear what we are discussing.

  *See each other's work as we virtually write on the screen with a digital drawing tablet, mouse, or by using a touch screen.

  *Look at math related information on the internet at the same time.

  *Send each other pictures of anything math related.  This is especially handy when the student needs to show me  problem from their book or home work.

I recommend that you purchase a digital drawing tablet that you will use with your computer. It makes writing on the whiteboard so much easier than with a mouse or by using a touchscreen.  There are many types and prices. Shop around for what your student might like.


What are the advantages of online tutoring?

Several advantages of online tutoring over in-person tutoring:

  * Students feel more comfortable working from their own home.

  * Eliminates the need for transportation to a local library or during inclement weather.

  * Online tutoring is more intentionally interactive, which increases learning for the student.

  * More resources available.

  * No social pressure as there is no one sitting physically watching everything students do in real time. 

  * Students are more in the driving seat with online lessons and so feel more empowered in a really relaxed environment. 

  * Last minute test prep can be more readily accommodated.

What subjects do you tutor?   

I specialize in AP Calculus, AP Pre-Calculus, AP Statistics, Algebra II and Geometry, but also tutor college math, college statistics, SAT Math and ACT Math. 

What are your credentials?
I have a bachelor's degree from The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). I have 15+ years teaching middle school and high school math and have tutored  high school and college math for 5+ years. I am knowledgeable and patient and am passionate about helping students be successful.

Why should I choose Math Tutor Jeff?  

I have the patience, desire, knowledge, and skill to help each student be successful in Math and to increase their confidence and achievement.

About me. 

I have a Bachelor's of Science degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio.  I am a State of Texas certified math teacher.  I have taught middle school, high school and homeschool.  I have tutored off and on since graduating from college and recently prepared my children for mathematical success at the college level.  I am excited to be able to help students and know that the results will be significant.  My outside interests are running, sports, music and spending time with my family.

How long is each session?   

Each session is approximately 1 hour.

How do I pay for the sessions?

Payments are billed a month in advance vis autopay prior to the month of tutoring service.  Stripe will be used for payments.

What is the best way to communicate with you?

The best way is by email at or text or call me at 210-802-5641.

What do I need to do to be prepared for the session?

You will need your textbook, notes, and any materials your teacher has given you.  You will also need any homework you need to work on.  If have any problems that you want us to work on you can scan and email them to me before we begin our session, then we can work on them together.  You can also take a picture of the problems and text them to me.

Do I need my sound and video on during the session?

Your camera and sound should remain on during the lesson.  This gives me the ability to check for understanding.