There is no guarantee of student success of grades or scores as grades and scores are dependent on many factors outside of our sessions.  Thanks.

4 on AP Calculus AB test

4 on AP Calculus AB test

34 ACT Math

800 SAT Math

780 SAT Math

5 on AP Statistics test

College Statistics from mid 80 to low 90 in 5 weeks

Precalculus OnRamps from mid 50s to low 70s in 3 weeks

Improved from academically ineligible to eligible in 3 sessions,

AP Calculus AB from mid 80s to low 90s

AP Calculus AB from lowest test grade to highest test grade on Final Exam in 4 sessions, 

Raised ACT Math score 4 pts in one session

College Calculus: C to a B final grade in three sessions

5 on AP Calculus Test

5 on AP Calculus Test

5 on AP Calculus BC Test

From struggling to 94 on a major exam in 7 sessions

SAT Math from 530 to 670 in 5 sessions

National Merit Scholar

"I've never had an "A" in math before!"

"For the first time I was able to do the homework on my own."  "I feel confident."

"I got a 95% on my last quiz.  That is much better than before."  - after 2 sessions

From struggling to 73 (+28) on a major exam in 2 sessions

" If it weren't for you.  I would have gone crazy by now."

ACT Math score raised from 25 to 28.  90th percentile

"I got a 100 for the grading period.  That has never happened before."

"A" for Dual Credit Precalculus.  Earned 3 credit hours of college math.

From a "D" average to a "B" final grade and smiling and laughing about it.  - after 4 sessions.

Student raised her grade from a "B" to a high "A" and is now able to exempt her final exam.

"He has been so excited - not just that he got a 94 on the final, but he is so happy he understands the material the way you teach it. It really helped his confidence. You have a gift and we apprectiate it."

High school math award recipient.