Have you ever considered hiring an online tutor for Algebra, Algebra 2, Precalculus, AP Calculus, or AP Statistics for your child, but were skeptical since you had never tried it before? Perhaps you’ve only experienced face to face tutoring. For many reasons, online tutoring could be a better option for your child, especially in this COVID-19 environment.

1. Convenience. Tutoring sessions can be scheduled to occur anytime or anywhere without worrying about transportation for your child to and from the library, school, or coffee shop. Thus, saving the parent and the child time that would otherwise be wasted.

2. More personalized. The online tutor can work more closely with your child and be more available for last-minute or quick questions, such as might occur the night before a test when libraries and coffee shops are closed.

3. Online tutoring is more intentionally interactive, which increases learning for the student.

4. More engaging with technology. Kids are comfortable with using technology and always looking for the latest and greatest tools to accomplish the work they need to do.

5. Access to vast resources. An online tutor typically has knowledge of many online resources, such as web sites that provide example problems, check solutions, and provide interactive hands-on activities. The online tutor can prescribe exactly the right tool for the student and train them on it. This provides a benefit beyond just one subject and would increase their efficiency in all areas of school. 

One example is Bitpaper, which is an online whiteboard where the student and tutor can both write with the use of a writing tablet. A document camera such as that offered by the Hue company is also effective. Learners are comforted by seeing their teacher on a Webcam and the teacher can make the learner feel comfortable with their pleasant demeanor as well as with soothing background graphics.

6. Availability. Online tutors can be available any time of the day or night and are not limited to just one geographic location. Also, libraries get full and then it is difficult to find a place to sit down and tutor. Due to how busy libraries can get, the Internet service can be quite slow in accessing resources.

7. Efficiency. More tasks can be accomplished, and less time wasted as typically happens in a face to face tutoring situation.

8. Comfort. Online tutoring does not feel like school to kids. It feels more like what they are used to with their prolific communication on social media. Also, kids are more likely to be productive in the comfort of their own home.

9. Fewer distractions. The distractions that occur in a coffee shop or library most of the time cannot be controlled and can be disruptive to the learning process. Most distractions coming from the home environment can be controlled or minimized.

  As you can see there are many benefits to online tutoring that are worth considering when looking to help your child be successful in school.